AedanOS (Cloud Space)

Aedan Cloud Space is the "Netflix" of on demand desktops allowing users to deploy clones of their computers in a private web browser based cloud space.


  • Deploy Everything in the Cloud
  • Universal Compatibility & Mobility
  • All Devices may connect to the cloud without installing any software.
  • The World's First Cloud PC -Powered by AedanOS

Aedan VR ( AedanOS Dropkick)

Known as AedanOS Dropckick is a Virtual Reality based interface which implements EEG (Electroencephalography) technology to control PC/Console games, cloud desktop environments, and search the interweb using thought.


  • Create Applications using Thought
  • Create Music using Thought
  • Identify Music, Movies, Objects using Thought
  • 100% accurate Lie Detection
  • Control applications and initiate several commands using Thought.
  • Search the web using Thought
  • Take notes and compose text messages using Thought.

What is Aedan OS?

AedanOS is a secured web-based Operating System patented in 2003, which allows users to install and deploy any Operating System's Application's to the web.

  • Cloud Desktop OS

    Deploy any OS and every application in the Cloud.

  • Clone Your Desktop

    Clone your Desktop including MacOS & Windows

  • Create Your Game Cloud

    Install and Deploy any Gaming System to the cloud powered by G3T LiV3.